Please note that this program is only open to current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors matriculating at a RI college or university (graduating in 2021, 2022, and 2023).

More information on this opportunity is available from the RI-CAIM website, plus there are other projects to choose from. Below is my project that is focussing on ocean observatory science. Deadline for applications is Feb 7, 2020. I encourage interested students to contact me.

Observing the oceanic conditions within Narragansett Bay

Project Location
University of Rhode Island – Bay Campus (Narragansett, RI)

Open to SURF Flex applicants?

Project Description
Observation is a fundamental area of science that underpins much that comes after, such as models,
forecasting, experimentation and so on. In this project, we will be working with the Narragansett Bay Ocean
Observatories, a series of high-tech buoys that aim to provide real time data on various hydrographic, biological
and biogeochemical variables.

In this project, we will undertake three core activities: 1) Maintenance, servicing and calibration of the buoy
infrastructure. These are activities essential to producing reliable data and ensuring that our instrumentation
remains in good condition. 2) Develop new technologies for the buoys. We will work with 3D printing, computer
controlled milling machines and open source electronics to build new capabilities for the observatories. 3) Data
analysis and dissemination. We will also analyze our data, look for patterns and linkages, and disseminate these
to the wider C-AIM community.

This project is part of RI C-AIM Research Thrust 1 – Assessing Biological & Ecosystem Impacts

This project involves both field & lab/computer work

Required/preferred skills for student applicants
Students will work within a highly motivated team that works with the observatories, so must demonstrate
willingness to work in a team. You will need to have good problem solving abilities, good computer capabilities
and a willingness to undertake fieldwork from small boats. Skills such as computer-programming, CAD and
graphic design and prior experience of 3D printing would be beneficial.